Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today was interesting.

Sick Buddy.
A very sleepy Sissy.
A puking dog.
Brian away on business.

But in the midst of all this craziness, I was feeling super-blessed.

I'm thankful that B has a job that provides for us. (Even when he has to be gone.) Blessed that I get to be at home everyday with my children. Especially the sick days. Thankful that when my little dude gets sick, being held by his mama makes his world right. Thankful that Lion Swisher kept my boy company today. (If you know Lincoln, you know Lion!) Grateful for super-insurance that allow visits to Urgent Care a lot stressful than it could be otherwise. Thankful for a helpful Pearl. What a compassionate little thing she is.

And Jezebelle. Well she keeps me company when all the dust settles at night. And somehow this 25 pound beagle makes me feel very safe when the big guy is gone.

Well her and the rifle.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Brian + I booked our 10th anniversary trip this week. We will be married TEN YEARS in July. How did that happen???

We will be away from these turds for 5 nights. Six days and five nights. So far, in 25 months, I have been away from them for maybe 3 or 4 hours max.

Will I be sad to leave them? Without a doubt. My mom tells me it will be harder than I think... I don't think that is possible.

Here is what I know. These couple of years have been full. And busy. So freaking busy.

But sometimes the Mama + Daddy need a break. A time to put our focus completely on each other. Because I was a wife before a mama. And someday, long after our children are grown. It will be me + him. All alone again.

We think one of the best gifts we can give these turds is a strong us. Our parents did that, and we are grateful.

I'm pretty sure the beach will make it easier for me.

And B is my most favorite dude on the planet after all.

10 years!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Coco!

I had a great idea!

The twins youngest Krug-side cousin turned 2 on Wednesday. So I thought we would go to our favorite cupcake store to get a special treat to celebrate.

Because we missed the party...

...Because they live in California...

...Where it is sunny...

...But, whatever.

Anyway, I had the great idea that we would video us singing to Coco before eating our treat. Check out if my idea was a success. (Hint-It wasn't!) And be sure to enjoy my singing while your at!

So apparently asking my little guy to sit in front of a very special and very rare treat was pure torture.


By the way, Coco won't be the youngest for long. Kels is just a few weeks away from the arrival of her little brother. Yay! And I'm gonna go down for his birth. Yay! I can't wait. I missed Lucca's birth because I had my hands full with 4 week old twins. I can't wait to love on a new little Chao. Mmmmm! Babies are delicious!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Obsessed with this bar stool-

Anything YELLOW! Right now, I want these.

100% Kona coffee-

High-wasted bikinis-

...I think the tan lines would be quite funky soooooo this bathing suit is quite lovely too.

Coral Nail Polish-

Smart Wool socks-

Wood-fired pizza (In particular, Prosciutto + Arugula pizza!)-

Philosophy Body Wash-

Lemon Grass Lotion-

Looking at pictures of my babies. When they were actually babies.

The Spill

May I present The Spill....

Courtesy of Lila Swisher.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I love you TOOOOOO much.

This is something said everyday in our home. A lot.

I used to say to the twins, 'I love you SOOOOO much', but Lila would return the thought by saying 'I love you TOOOOOO much'.

And it stuck.

We all say it to each other now. All the time.

Just us 4.

I love it TOOOOO much.

Updates YO!

10 things about Lila Pearl:

1. She wants pink everything. Although purple is slowly entering the circle. Slowly.
2. She sings all the time.
3. She says 'No, I don't want to', 'Stop that', 'Don't do that', 'I'm not', etc. way too much.
4. She is into everything. (Which can be super-annoying!) But usually upon further inspection, the things she is into are things that she does to be like mommy. Make-up, my jewelry, my shoes, my deoderant, my clothes, carrying my purse and wallet, taking out my dishes... you get it. So it's really pretty (annoyingly) sweet.
5. She insists on wearing short sleeves. INSISTS!
6. She prances.
7. She's an amazing eater.
8. If you ask her a question, she will (almost) always say no.
9. She's a comforter to others.
10. She will tell you Lincoln is her best friend.

10 things about Lincoln:

1. He is very coordinated + super-strong.
2. He likes to make people happy.
3. He has one of the best laughs ever. Seriously, EVER!
4. He likes to wear 'cozy pants' for his nap.
5. He takes off his socks and trades with Lila at least once a day.
6. He would rather play than eat. Which is frustrating. Especially since we know he likes food and could use extra calories.
7. He will not stop jumping on our couch. A battle everyday.
8. He always takes his jacket and shoes off when we are at a restaurant or store. Kills me!
9. He loves his family.
10. He will tell you Lila is his best friend.

Monday, March 7, 2011

All Aboard

That's right friends, Lincoln + Lila hopped on the potty train. Can I get a WOOP-WOOP?!?!

I had been toying with the idea of potty training for a while now. And right after their birthday I decided to give it a go. (On a whim in true Karla-style.) I didn't read any books, blogs or otherwise--I just made a plan I thought would work for my kids. I figured I would work on training them both, and if I could at least get one aboard the potty train I would count it a success. The other one could try again at a later date.

I thought Lincoln was the more ready of the 2. Lila proved me wrong. Just a couple of accidents on the first day and she was with me. Lincoln on the other hand--not so much. He would pee on that potty no problem, but I could NOT get that kid to drop it on the pot! ...until day FIVE! I was patient, never got upset, and I wasn't willing to throw the towel in on my potty training experiment. All it took was the first doo on the loo and he was golden.

*It's been 3 weeks since we've said ADIOS to the diapers.

Thank God!

(*except night time of course!)
What I've learned about potty training:

1. As disgusting as you think poopy diapers are, poopy underwear is way, WAY worse.
2. Not leaving your house for 3-4 days in the beginning, with your potty-training children, could quite possibly make you eligible for a visit to the looney house. (OR WORSE!)
3. Be patient, patient, patient and consistent.
4. Toddler butts look flipping adorable in underwear.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lincoln Busts a Move

...with a little help from Muse.