Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Little Lady

Love, love, love this little Pearl.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lila + Lincoln Take Over

We LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba. Perhaps we will grow up to be DJ's or hip-hop dancers.

I am facsinated by everything. This was a lantern.

We've learned to climb the stairs. And no, our mama and daddy are not afraid of this. They never let us out of their sight. Dang it!

Tub-time is still our all-time fave. We must be pretty special because we get to take our tub in the biggest bath in the house. Dad is in charge, and we have so much fun!

I'm growing my hair out. I might look like a rag-muffin sometimes as a result, but I wanna kick-ass pony tail by my first birthday.

First Kiss

Yeah, so it's a little blurry. Things happen fast around here folks and I did the best I could. It will forever be imprinted in my little heart though!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


TEN months ago I underwent weight loss surgery. Kidding. Ten months ago we had 2 itty-bitty pieces of perfection enter our lives. And now, well, now we have two 20+ pounds of perfectionrunning our lives. Things certainly are different than they were 10 months ago. Sure I have some buff biceps, but I also have a baby backache. I still drive a huge vehicle, but now it seems much smaller. I still manage to find time to read, but it usually a book entitled BUMS. (My personal favorite: 'Monkey has a....bright, red bum.') Brian and I still go out to dinner, but we spend most of the meal picking things up off the floor. I have gotten really good at making animal noises and clapping, I wave as much as Miss America and I blow kisses like Marilyn. Oh, I still remember how I spent my free time in my life before babies, but it just seems like an eternity ago.

Quick updates on Uno + Dos...

Lila is crawling and crawling. She is loving her new skill and can get all over this house with ease. She is all about exploring and finds her reflection most fascinating. She can have a conversation with her self for quite some time. She loves pulling out her bows, patting her tummy, showing me her tongue + head, and screaming! She sings during our walks and car rides. She makes a funny face when she is being silly. She can stand on her own for almost 10 seconds when distracted. Mostly though, Lila loves to eat. This Pearl could give the Tsunami a run for his money.

Lincoln is fearless. This boy is all-out! He motors around this place like there was a fire in his pants. He loves figuring out how things work. Opening and shutting cabinets, spinning wheels, turning water on and off, etc. He also is a tender-heart and gives the best snuggles ever!!! He just found out how to play chase with me and it is hysterical. He also loves to pass a ball back-and-forth. He finally figured out how to wave and clap, and does each with a HUGE smile. He has 4 teeth and looks like an adorable walrus. Jezebelle and her water dish are endless sources of fascination for this dude.

Happy 10 months babies! We are so very proud to be your mama + daddy. (NOW can you let us sleep in once in a while?!?)