Friday, June 1, 2012


We're alive!  

 You know the thing is, you go to Italy one week, and then your daughter gets her tonsils and adenoids out immediately after you return, and then you know what happens???

Italy all of the sudden feels like a MILLION years ago!  

Because real life done-did slap us across the face when we returned.  
(And then suckered punched us in the belly when we were down.)

A little more than 2 weeks after the surgery, I can (almost) safely say that we have survived.  
But barely.
Because that surgery is no joke.  And it knocked our Pearl out for more than 2 weeks.  
She was miserable.  She was tough.  She was sassy.  She was sad.  And quiet.  And hungry.  
And she couldn't get enough of her mama.  

She just started feeling a bit better in the last 24 hours.  She doesn't sound like our girl yet, and she is certainly far too skinny.  (Insert sad face!)  
But she smiled, played and slept through the night.  
Thank God!

And Brian + I need another vacation like this one.    

Lincoln was so good the last 2 weeks.  We didn't get out of the house hardly at all.  His sister was either too sick or too grouchy to play, his mama was carrying a 35 pound baby on her hip 24 hours a day and his dad was working round the clock.  

So what did our son do?
Play happily by himself, enjoy the extra sweet snacks around the house, patiently help his mama, work in the yard with daddy and grow like a weed.  
Seriously this kid has grown so much lately. (Insert sad face.)

I can honestly say that in all of my 3 years as a mother, these were by far the hardest 2 weeks.  
And I was alone with twins from the beginning people!!!
Motherhood humbled this week, but I must say, I am just ever-so grateful to be a mom.
And to be able to be home with my sick girl, not at 'work'.
And even though I'm all kinds of tiny, without any 'cushion' to be found, I'm the coziest source of comfort for my gal when her world is spinning.  
And that feels like a million bucks.