Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Going for the Gold

Who doesn't love the Olympics?

Lila + Lincoln if you ever compete in the Olympics, you can bet you piggy banks full of coins that I would win the gold medal in cheering.  I will go bananas routing for you.  And I won't even give-a-care if it's embarrassing for you because I will just be ever-so-proud.  Your daddy to.  Man, would he be proud.  Probably not as loud, but so very proud.

I would also cheer that loud, or possibly even louder, for you if you were a line judge at the Olympics or a referee.  If you painted the lines on the soccer field or if you handed out water to the cyclists or even if you carried the country banners for the teams.  I would be just as proud if you were the janitor or grounds keeper making things happen behind the scenes.

You will have never seen a cow bell as big or as loud.


I realize I haven't blogged forever.  These 3 year olds sure do keep me busy.  I have avoided blogging because where do I start when I've been gone so long???  My thoughts...ignore the absence and start with what's now.

I want time to stop.

For real.

I know I've said it, blogged about it and said it some more.  It's old news.  And yet it's on my mind always.  

Life is just sweet.  And I love sharing my (exhausting) days with the most precious turds there ever were.  
Please, for the love, don't think it's perfect.  It's so not perfect.  
It's perfectly imperfect.

It might be perfect however if I thrived under the most whiniest conditions.  
If you like the sound of whiny children, come on over.  
I'll let you enjoy it for a while.  
For the record, whiny-ness doesn't fly with me.   Or Brian.  
Not. At. All. 
 But they continue to try.  
Boy oh boy do they try.  

Also it might be a perfect little life if I enjoyed the occasional 3 year-old melt down.  
Today....well, it's still a little too fresh to discuss but here are a few details--  
Screaming.  I mean SCREAMING.  Kicking, thrashing, yelling, shouting--you get my drift.  
At the grocery store.  
During the entire check out and loading process.  
Can you imagine how many people were looking at me?  Let me just say...A LOT!  
It was absolutely not okay. 
 And there were certainly repercussions for this behavior.  
Can I just say discipline is so not fun?!  
Necessary for sure, but one of the hardest parts of the job.

But the precious moments, well, they are mighty perfect.  
And Brian + I  would have 10 more Lincoln + Lilas.  
Maybe more. 
They just rule that much.

Last summer.  Look how much they've grown!

Last weekend...
My silly lady. Looking 8 years old.

Ferrying to Seattle.

Ferry riding with my crew back home.