Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a Pair

Twice in the past 2 weeks people have commented on how Brian and I look like Mutt + Jeff.


So I googled.

Oh, I get it. Awesome.

*For the record, I'm 5'2 and Brian is 6'3 and some change. But we are all the same size laying down.

Friday, July 22, 2011


*Lila says 'Holy Moses' all the time. Wonder where she learned that. {Ahem.}

*Poop is hysterical. Already?!? And fart noises too. So that's awesome.

*Lincoln tells us, 'That's my answer!' Alrighty then.

*Dinner conversation between a husband + wife:
Me: Do you ever feel like you're losing the battle and the war???
Him: Everyday

*Lila cries every time my hair is down. 'Please put it in a pony mama.' Is it that bad girl???

*We now answer no thank you when we don't want something. I WIN!

*The twins love working outside. They are super helpers.

*Our kids eat broccoli, spinach, kale, salad, cauliflower, green beans, fish, mexican + SALSA, carrrots, bell peppers, lots of beans, steak, etc. Did you know me when I was growing up? I do not deserve this. Right mom?

*Our kids do not get juice. Ever. Because I'm a mean, awful mom.

*Lincoln + Lila let Jezebelle in and out, switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer, help put the dishes away AND always must put the silverware alway 'by myself', clean up their toys before bed and water the flowers.

Two is awesome.
Two is exhausting.
Two is rewarding.
Two is hard work.
Two is the very, very best!
I'm so blessed to spend my day with these 2 turds.

*My girl Willow took this pic of us for Mother's Day. She is awesome.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh, July

I love July. (Have I mentioned that before?) Well the fact remains, I love this month. This is going to blow your mind people, but this 4th of July was warm + sunny. WARM + SUNNY!!! This is almost unheard of in western Washington. We went to the beach.

We saw eagles, an air show, seals, jumping fish, loads of boats, a huge jellyfish and lots of crab shells. It was pretty much the NW in all its glory.

The kids looked adorable all decked out in their red, white + blue.

I would just like to let you all know that this little Sweet Pea (below) sings herself to sleep every single night. She has currently been singing for the last 40 minutes. Pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

She also loves to scream when she gets excited....or is feeling a little naughty or mischievous. It hurts our ears so. freaking. bad.

But she really, really loves her daddy. When he gets home from work is one of those times we hear one of those lovely shrieks.

This guy is hysterical.

And by the way, trains were sooooooo 2010. Race cars are the NEW trains. Race cars all-the-time.

Sometimes I call this dude Lil' Brian, or I call Brian Big Linc. Lincoln's body is identical to Brian's. (The 3 foot version.) It is ca-razy. Also, he is just how I imagine Brian would be at 2 years old. Love.

What I learned about fireworks this year...

They are WAY cooler when the are lit off in the dark.

Unfortunately our children go to bed WAY before 10 o'clock. Which is the time that it finally gets dark in the NW.

The twins thought they were pretty awesome though.

Also the extra-long sparklers take an extra-long time to finish.


And we had 2 boxes of those sparklers.

The twins thought they were the bomb dot com holding these babies.

Seriously so fun.

This dude, in fact both of these dudes, say YES to marshmallows.

Adirondack chairs for 5 dollars??? Thanks Ace Hardware. I <3 You.

Lila + Lincoln's first go at the Hokey Pokey.

They likey.

Brian is pretty good at it as well.

Our favorite fountain in Gig Harbor.

We have thrown many, many pennies in that thing in the last year.

(We have also taken many out. Oopsa-poopsa!)

Some bunny had a birthday. It's really not fair how he just gets better looking every year.

I'm thankful. (And jealous!)

Anyone want to come visit Gig Harbor??? We have an extra room.

Just saying...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Couple of *Fings/**Kings

*'Fings' - 'Things' as said by Lincoln
**'Kings' - 'Things' as said by Lila

*We went to a Barn Party today. At a barn. Complete with square dancing, cows, a magic show and BBQ salmon. Does life get any better?

*I have discovered Wordoku people. Now this, this is a good time.

*I am currently rocking a gigantic slash across my nose as a result of a run-in with Lila's teeth. I am happy to report that the Pearl's teeth remained intact, and although there was blood shed, I will survive.

*We started ripping out the nas-tay carpet from our upstairs tonight. Our new carpet is coming Monday! I will celebrate by rolling around on it.

*I am currently reading Nothing Like it in the World by Stephen Ambrose. It is all about the building of the transcontinental railroad. This is fascinating stuff. I'm convinced, if young people read more books about our history, we would be a much more patriotic nation.

*Lila likes to tell me NO. A lot. As a result, I like to give her time-outs. A lot.

*Lincoln likes to whimper. But only when he isn't getting what he wants RIGHT NOW. (All day long.)

*Brian + I are the same age for 1 more day. I like the 3 months of the year that we are the same age.
*He wants Wingdome on his birthday. I'm happy to oblige.

* Lincoln + Lila both had their first case of Strep Throat this week. So that was a blast.

*We have so many cute little bunnies around our house right now. Also deer. A few coyotes. Tons of eagles. And a bear. We haven't actually seen the bear. I would like too, but not in MY yard and not within 50 yards. It likes to go to my next door neighbors yard. I'll let you know if I ever see it.

*I really, really love our little family. Nothing makes me happier than when the 4 of us, (and Jezebelle!), are hanging out.

*I love summer.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


July 6th is my most favorite day of the year. Nope, not my birthday. It is our anniversary. And today is a super-special one because we are celebrating TEN years.

What a ride it has been. Filled with adventures, lots of trips, career changes, 4 moves, an illness, TWINS, a crazy beagle and a lot of laughs. I remember for many years after we got married, we kinda felt like we were 2 kids living in a grown up world. Playing house almost. In our first house, before we had enough furniture to fill the place, we would thrown a football or play volleyball in our living room for months. I had no idea how to cook when we got married and most of the tools B had were left over from my apartment in college. Things are certainly different now.

It was 112 degrees the day we got married. And Sacramento, a usually dry place, decided to throw in some humidity for the occasion. Now I knew Brian loved me, but he really proved it by wearing his black tuxedo in that kind of heat. I wore 4 inch heels and we danced and danced until we had to leave the reception to get to San Francisco in time for our early morning flight. My feet hurt for days! We had a beautiful wedding. A very, very beautiful wedding. But truth be told, my mom and dad planned the whole thing. I was living in another state finishing my last semester of college, student teaching and working. I just wanted to marry that big guy I fell in love with. Most of the details weren't too important at the time. It was a perfect day.

Tonight we are going out to dinner. I'll wear a dress and hold my husbands hand. And we will celebrate the first 10 married years.