Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Nights

Summer nights are the best. We have been having lots of fires in our fire pit little chiminea. Roasting marshmallows, watering our growing vegetables and apples, picking blackberries and playing with Jezebelle.

ONE marshmallow is a treat for our 2 year olds. TWO is a miracle. But last night, this dude had THREE. But I'm pretty sure it was FOUR, BRIAN! There were no grandparents involved in the extra treats, rather Lincoln's marshmallow buddy, Daddy.

This little lady doesn't love the marshmallow. (Un-roasted thank you very much.) Rather she would like to hold her little treasure and give it the occasional lick. Forrrreverrrr. Thus torturing her marshmallow-devouring brother.

I love these kind of nights. Makes me reflect on our blessings. Makes me happy and thankful for our little family.

Ohhhh sheet! Look at that, I made it in a picture. Must have been my lucky day. I don't like marshmallows. At all. But these turds, oh man are they yummy.

Our nightly tradition this summer is a family jump session on the trampoline. We do our 'cool tricks.' Brian goes verrrrry high.

Lincoln is a ninja. Also, he is so very coordinated. Probably more than me, but that is not saying much.

Don't you love how blogs always post the most gorgeous (overly edited) pictures??? I don't. As if that is what real life looks like? Not here friends, not here. Because if I had to push my babies out, as opposed to having them taken out, it just might have looked a little something like this...

This picture is entirely for Beth.

This time of night is always so fun. But in all honesty, once in a while I don't wanna get on. Because I'm freaking tired at the end of the day. But the kids love it. And I love it too. So we all do it and I never regret it.

This trick is called 'The Walker'. Lincoln made it up and we all take our turn. It is bust-your-gut HI-larious.

Then daddy chases them. And I rescue them. And sometimes I rescue them while I'm rocking a french braid that makes me look like a sister wife. But my braiding skills are getting fierce. (Thanks to a little Pearl and her beautiful mane.) So I have to pull it out the occasion.

Isn't her face adorable???

Ahhhh, summer nights.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fine Print

Somewhere in the fine print of the parenting books, I must have missed the part where it explains that your toes will be stepped on repeatedly by your children. In other words, all the freaking time.

That's all.

Oh yeah, and OUCH!