Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

L + L, Meet Your Uncle

B + I were getting ready for church this morning when my phone rang. It was Kris. It was Kris?!? He was finishing up a conference in Seattle and wanted to hook up for dinner and finally meet our turds. We drove up to Belltown and met him and his lady for some dinner and a visit. Kris was super-excited to meet and love on the babies. The babies l.o.v.e.d the beard! Now Lila + Lincoln have met all their aunts, uncles and cousins on the crazy, I mean Krug side. Looking forward to being all together at Christmas. (And yes I will make Kris play Santa for the babies if he keeps the beard.)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pregnant Chicks

I know A LOT of girls who are pregnant right now. I love it! I feel like Lila + Lincoln allowed me to become a card-carrying member of 'the club'. I understand now why women would stare at me when I was pregnant with an all-knowing smile. I understand why old ladies, (sorry mom), get so excited for baby showers and I totally get wanting to touch those big ole' bellies. (Please note that I do refrain from touching the bellies because I KNOW firsthand how awkward it can be. But the urge is there nonetheless.) Pregnancy made me feel like a rockstar and made me realize that my body was stronger than I ever imagined. So pregnant chicks, you rock! And I will try to fight the urge to rub your cute little/gigantic bellies.

I look forward to enjoying the experience one or two or three or four more times.... :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Latest & Greatest

What up Internet?! Can you believe we are 6 months old? We are busy little people and we think it is hilarious watching our mama + daddy trying to keep up with us. We hardly ever throw fits, but if we do, we like to do it simultaneously. We are twins after all! Sometimes we like to see who can scream the loudest or be the most dramatic. We like to watch mama freak out. We are really good eaters and have been trying new foods lately. Apples, pears, squash, sweet potatoes...mmmm! Linc likes the bananas, but Lila got her Tia Kelsey's genetics and nearly puked her first time trying them. Seriously. Mostly though, we still like mama's milk best.

Lincoln is ready to be two. He wants to move, and can get really frustrated if he can't. He has nearly tripled his birth weight and is in the 95th percentile for height. He likes to fly high, drink the occasional beer and hang out with dad. He loves people and often baits strangers to say hello with his stares and smiles. He likes to play with mama's hair, suck his toes and play with whatever toy Lila has. He has a contagious laugh and is quite the ham. He also drools as much, if not more than Grandpa Masters. I knew we should've named him Jack.

Lila is the girly-girl. She wakes up in the morning with the
sweetest coos you've ever heard. When she was a younger, I would make this terribly annoying shriek-like sound that she she's paying us back with the highest pitched screams one has ever heard. (I think her, Mariah, Christina and Lucca are the only ones that can hit that octave.) The sounds are slightly adorable and slightly deafening. She is strong. She can sit on her own for long periods of time before face-planting. She likes cuddles, food and eating her mama + daddy's noses. She loves to roll, and often gets stuck on top of her brother as nothing will stand in her way.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

'Hoping for Nice People That Cleared Background Checks'

So I might have said those words on our way to church this morning. Because today was THE day. The day that we would drop off our babies at the church nursery. For the first time. Dah, dah daaaaaaahhhh.

Now I know many of you have been there before and it is no big deal in the long run, but do you remember the FIRST time??? CRAAAAZZZZYYY! The funny thing is, I knew their number wouldn't pop up because the babies were inconsolable or missed their mommy. I was just anxious for the service to be over so I could pick up our little turds and have them back in mama's arms.

By the way, the nice couple in the infant room said that they were both perfect! Not a tear. They said Lila, in particular, was the sweetest baby in the room. And Lincoln, well he was just interested in everything. That pretty much sums up these babies personalities. (And they crashed five seconds into the ride home.)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Six Months Ago

WE HAVE SURVIVED THE FIRST SIX MONTHS OF LIFE WITH TWINS!!! Yes, I am shouting because it is quite the accomplishment. It hasn't always been easy, but is has be overwhelmingly rewarding, crazy-fun, super-exhausting and the greatest thrill of our lives.

Six months ago, we walked into the hospital as two.

Six months ago our family doubled.
Six months later, we are crazy in love with our two babies.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Baby

Don't worry, Lincoln is not left out. (How could I ever leave out my baby???) Lincoln has a song too. His is sung to the same tune, remember I'm not a songwriter, but it's all about our little dude.

I love Lincoln, he's my special dude.
He is very strong, but he's mama's little boy.

Little Lincoln long-legs , sweet as can be-
Little Lincoln long-legs, mama's second baby.

My First Born

I love singing to my babies. Problem is, every single time I go to sing to them, I can't remember a single lullaby. Every time I forget. Since they were born! So I improvise, and I make up songs for my babes. This is Lila's. I made it up in the hospital the day she was born. I've sung it to here countless times since then. A songwriter I am not, but it makes my lil' lady smile when she's sad, and relax when she's tired and that's all that matters to me.

I love Lila, she's my special girl.
She is very sweet and she's mama's little pearl.

Little lady love-bug, sweet as can be...
Little lady love-bug, mama's first baby.
( get the picture!)