Tuesday, May 31, 2011


For 22 years of my life, my last name was Krug. Everyone pronounced it like it rhymed with drug. And it doesn't. So it was annoying. When your name is mispronounced, it is frustrating. You can only correct it a certain amount of times before feeling like a complete boob.

Then my brother got with the game and added an umlaut when he left home. Genius! I wish my family would have done that ages ago. When you read Krüg, you just know it isn't drug with a K. It is Kroooog. In all it's German glory. It's so freaking German in fact, you want to say it with an accent while consuming a beer.

Then I became a Swisher. And I was in phonetic heaven, because certainly one can't mispronounce it. WRONG. So very, very wrong. Almost anyone who reads our name for the first time says:

SHHHwisher or SHHwiSSSer or SwiSSSSSer

What the heck people?!?

It is how it is written.


I don't how the people with alphabet-soup names do it. Or the children who have parents that decide to use all their creativity in the spelling of their names. It must be a lifetime of correcting and feeling boob-ish.

And that my friends, is the kinda of deep thoughts that I have. :)

Friday, May 6, 2011


These are a few of our most favorite books. Books that are read over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over...

... you catch my drift.

Lincoln loves this book. It has almost fallen completely apart. When we are not reading this book, we are talking about it. Team Swish is always on the look out for pond monsters and shadows.

Goodnight Gorilla has been the #1 book for Lincoln, {Lila too, but mostly Lincoln,} from the beginning. (We are talking very beginning here people. Like just a few months old!) Lincoln has always adored this one and it began his infatuation with first 'mon-ees', and then gorillas. Man, this kid loves gorillas.
Miss Lila has this next book memorized. No page skipping on this one! It is a cute story that these twins think is awessssooommmmeeee. (DJ Lance Rock voice.)

Dr Seuss was a genius. We read all of his books often, but Mr. Brown is a favorite. Especially if daddy reads it. What is it with men and sound effects??? Must be in the chromosomes because they just come out knowing how to make them.

Hooray for Fish is a gem. We love all the fish especially the gripey fish, the win fin-fin fishes and the pineapple fish. It just is so dang cute.

We read so, so many books. I love books, Brian has grown to love books and hopefully Lincoln and Lila will continue growing their love of books.

It would just make me so happy if they did.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


*Brian had 2, yes TWO root canals today. It was not awesome.

*I had a morning with the twins. I might have spoken in a tone I'm not thrilled about. 2 two-year-olds can be challenging at times. Mostly I am a very patient mama. This morning however, well let's just say, there was about 30 minutes after lunch that I almost gave my 2 weeks notice.

*I continue to countdown the days until we see the sun. I think I can make it one more week.

*I saw the principal from my former teaching days today. She is one rad lady.

*I saw my sis holding her newborn son today. He is one handsome little dude.

*Brian + I have a date next week. We are going to see William Fitzsimmons. Can't hardly wait. I'm gonna wear a dress. (Maybe.)

*Have you seen 'The Voice'. Blake Shelton is my new boyfriend. (Brian knows, it's cool.) Who would of thought.

*If for some reason you want to buy me a present, (because who doesn't), I'm pretty much obsessed with: table clothes, place mats, cloth napkins, cake stands, glass jars and tea towels. For reals! I look at them all the time online. Vintage or new...love them.

*Today we took a walk...Lincoln holding my hand and Brian's and Lila holding Brian's other hand. Time could have frozen forever or God could have taken me to the pearly streets because I was freaking happy.

*'1, 2, 3, 4 people are in my family'... We sing this song all the time, courtesy of Muno and Yo Gabba Gabba. (For now anyways.)

*It's Mothers Day this weekend. Be sure to remind B. Kidding. (Kind of.)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today was a good day. We saw the sun. And that is a really, really big deal in our neck of the woods. It was even warm. 65 degrees people! That is (unfortunately) really, really warm up here too. But I will say, the people in the NW never, ever waste a moment of sunshine. It is always cool to see all of the NW peeps head out to enjoy the sun.

We spent the day at a park by the beach. Having a picnic, flying kites, running in the grass, eating fresh strawberries, throwing rocks in the water, picking up crabs and enjoying the sun. We came home dirty, sticky and had rosy cheeks. It was awesome.

Dear God,

Please give the NW a warm + sunny spring and summer. Because the Swishers are getting very close to bailing on this beautiful place.

Thank you + AMEN!

Here is a little pic from yesterday of Lila Pearl.

How did she get so big??? How did she get so pretty???