Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekly Colt

Well sir, tooth #3 finally showed up this week.  
Thank goodness!
(And my again!)
You were up approximately a bazillion times a night for the past week in discomfort.
Which coincidently took approximately 5-7years off my life.
But you are worth it dude!
So very worth it.

Now please boy, please sleep through the night.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I for realsy-really dislike selfies.

Selfies to me read...
'Hey everyone!, look at me! I took 30 pics of myself and I love this one soooo much that I edited and posted it all over social media so that you may affirm my beauty and awesomeness.'


But I must admit, I turned my camera on myself today to capture a moment so rare, so special that I broke my own rule.  

My Colty, my teething stud of a son woke up screaming from his nap. 
But he was still exhausted!
So I rocked him, and sang to him and laid him on my chest.
And then a miracle happened!

That busy-bodied dude fell right back asleep on his favorite person/pillow!  
A rare, rare treat.
Holding my still, peaceful baby.
The last child.

Such a special moment indeed that I decided to take a picture. 
(Unedited thankyouverymuch.)

So it could last longer!

These days.
The best days.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Colt

Took a few steps yesterday.
Two more today!
Amazing eater.
Pool lover.
Sand eater.
You say ball, dad, dog, bock-bock (for chicken) and yeah.  
You have received 2 haircuts so far.

I can't get enough of this guy.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lucky #13

Brian + I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on Sunday.  


Listen, I'm not quite sure how we became old enough to celebrate being married for that long, 
but alas, we blinked our eyes and it happened.

I love that we have met loads of people down here who can NOT believe we were married so young, or have been married for so long.
As I've said before, not many people can say they made their single best decision at 22, 
but I truly feel I did.

The past 13 years have been beautiful.  
Beautifully messy.
I didn't know a lot about marriage when we said 'I do.'  
But man, I was crazy about Brian.  
And man, I STILL AM about that guy! 

I knew I would put everything I had into having a marriage that would stand the test of time.  
I didn't realize then, that having a marriage last is a feat on it's own, 
but having a happy marriage until death do us part takes work.
Lots + lots of work.
Tremendous work.

And life is no fairytale people!
This I know for sure.

This past year alone, 
the last 9 months in fact
have brought us a brand new (surprise!) baby, 
a career change, 
a move to San Diego 
and the sale of our much-loved home that we thought we would be in for a long, long time.
(Stressful would be a good word to insert after that sentence!)

But here's the thing...
We wouldn't change a damn thing!
We feel like we are truly living life right now.
Living life + trusting God in ways we haven't yet done as a couple.
And it is exciting!  
And hard at times.
But so very exciting!

Brian + I reiterated on Sunday our intent to keep living life to its fullest.  
Seeing, adventuring, traveling, learning and stretching ourselves in ways we have yet to experience.

We watched our wedding for the first time with the kids.  
Lila adored it!

On Sunday, we worked on a little more unpacking, 
ran errands and ate tuna-fish sandwiches for dinner.
Once the kids were in bed we toasted with a bottle of wine.

Nothing fancy, certainly not glamorous...but perfectly wonderful.
This is real life.

We will get a sitter and go out for a nicer dinner this weekend.
I love being married.
I love being married to Brian.
I look forward to seeing what year 14 brings.  
And I would be perfectly okay with a little less excitement!

Weekly Colt

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Some days are just pretty dang great.
Exploring, lunching, swimming and hanging with our Cali cousins.

All of 5 of these turds napped today too!

When B was finished working today, we headed for the beach.

Picked up pizzas, fancy marshmallows, wood, chocolate and grahams and were beach bound.

S'mores. Check.
Picnic.  Check.
Park at the beach.  Check
Playing in the sand and surf. Check.
Bonfire.  Check.

Baby pulling your hair whilst being in a pic taken by a 5 year old...check.

Fun night.
Let's do it again Chaos!

Good night.