Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Fun

Did you hear the Pacific NW had a snow storm this week?
Well we did.
And it was rad.
I like snow approximately 1 bazillion times better than rain.
It's so dang pretty.
And peaceful.
And way fun to play in!
Snow + cardboard box = Good Times

Snow gear courtesy of our most generous friend Timi.
(With the exception of the pink pants.)

It's no wonder kids love snow days.
Hello! sugary goodness.

This is from Sunday when the first flakes started to fall.
So precious.
Lincoln likes the snow.
He enjoyed throwing snowballs, exploring, making tracks, sledding and sliding, building snowmen and making snow angels.
He was also the first to want to head in doors.
He has been reminding us about how much he loves the beach. And maybe how we could go to the beach sometime.
And how he likes the sun. And when can we go to Hawaii. And summer is his favorite.
Is this my kids or what?!
Get us to the sunshine.

Lila loves the snow.
No seriously, she never wants to come in.
And she just has the most adorable smile on her face the entire time we play.
I love her.

Our snow family. Lila made it with daddy.
She was so proud.

Funny-faced sissy.

This is what we woke up to this morning. 10 inches of winter wonderland.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Kool Kids

Because obviously nothing says cool like a sick pair of shades.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From the Mind of a 2 Year Old...

Yesterday, following A GAZILLION, several reminders to
'Please pick up his race cars', the following conversation occurred.

Me: 'Awwww buddy, when are ya gonna listen???'

Lincoln: 'Ummmm...probably on Fursday.'

*Fursday = Thursday

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day

New Years Day has always been a special day in my family. My Grandpa Masters birthday was on the 1st and so it was always a big deal.
(Pretty much because he was one of the biggest personalities you could ever meet!)

I just love the idea of a fresh start. Goal setting, closet cleaning...just plain getting your sheeeee in order.
Love it.

This year Team Swish is suffering from an extreme Christmas hangover. Being gone for 8 days in Cali, and then having family with us for several days upon our return has us all feeling tired. Way, way tired.
And the kids + B have been fighting colds for the last week.

So today we just relaxed. It was dry outside so we took our 2nd annual walk across the Narrows Bridge.
The fresh air was nice.
Then the kids took an extra-long nap, and B and I erased Christmas from our home.
Which is so not fun.
But necessary.
A fresh start for the new year.

Happy 2012 friends!

May the new year bring you health + happiness.
Lots + lots of happiness.

And sunshine...
...Oh wait, that's my wish for the new year!!!
(Pretty please, God!)