Monday, March 5, 2012

We're Going Out!

Tonight Brian + I are going out date.
(I'm sure our date will look similar to the picture.)
And for the first time, the twins are hanging out with a babysitter.


That's right, our children just turned 3 and this is the first time we are leaving them with a sitter.


They have hung out with their grandparents when they come for visits occasionally, but we have not had someone available on a regular basis for us. In fact, it's kinda sad how much not-alone time Brian and I have had the last several years. But don't be sad for us, (no way!), because times are a-changing. We have a sitter now.


And I think, in fact I know, this is gonna work out really well.


But I do hope we get home in time to watch The Bachelor tonight.
Don't tell Brian.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I came home from a hair appointment to a quiet house. The kids were napping and Brian was out in the yard working. And as I walked around and decided what area I was going to start cleaning first, I started laughing. BECAUSE can you ever tell that toddlers live here?!

Proof is in the pudding they say...

Exhibit A.
Leftover Valentine decorations. Whoops.

Exhibit B.
Random Trike

Exhibit, never mind--
These are just my bunnies I'm obsessed with.

Exhibit C.
The boots by our front door.

Exhibit D.
The mess.

Exhibit E.
The antibiotics in the fridge.

Exhibit F.
The Art Wall.

Exhibit G.
The random baby doll. That I will most certainly trip over.

Exhibit H.
The library books all dumped out of the library bag. Again.

Exhibit I.
The sweaters hanging by the stairs.

Exhibit J.
The bucket that is supposed to be filled with crayons.

Exhibit K.
The shoe pile.

Exhibit L.
The empty Ketchup bottle left on the table.

Exhibit M.
The bathroom literature.

None of these photos were staged.
Everything was exactly like this when I came home yesterday.
Hence the laughter.
Hence the endless cleaning and straightening up.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Let's talk about how many buddies toddlers think they need in their beds.

What in the world?

I would much rather have lots of space than a million creatures with kinda-creepy eyes in my bed, but that's just me.

Allow me to introduce the twins best buddies.

Every night this is what Lila's bed looks like.
And then after we say 'Good Night' and give kisses + loves and turn off the lights, she quickly inventories her buddies. If one is missing, she calls down and let's me know right away.
Over and over and over again until said buddy is located and placed in her bed.
{So demanding this little gal.}
Then she takes her blankets and tucks them all in.
Every. Single. Night.

You're looking at Foof, Kitty, Baby Pup, Baby Tiger, Other Kitty, Poppy, Baby Doll, Foofa, Squeaky the Monkey and Girafeeeee.

These are her 2 most special buddies. Baby Tiger and Foof.
Baby Tiger came from the San Diego Zoo and Foof, well we are not sure.
One of these guys usually gets wrapped in a special blanket all their own.
Leaving exactly zero blankets for Lila.
But she likes it that way.

Lincoln has an entirely different system.
These are all his favorite buddies. Meaning they are his and his alone. Sis can play with them, but whenever he asks for them, he gets them right away. (Same rule for Lila's buddies.)
Here we have Cloud, Stellaluna the shark, Baby Elephant, Soft Lion and Dash the monkey.
Occasionally he wants all these buddies in his bed, but more often then not, he wants to make sure they are all there and then throws them out.

But this guy, Lion Swisher always stays.
Don't you mess with Lion Swisher.
For reals.
We will throw down for Lion Swisher.
I know Lion Swisher looks a lot like Soft Lion. I scoured the internet for Soft Lion as replacement just in case Lion Swisher was ever misplaced.
There was no fooling our smart dude.
In Lincoln's heart, there is a world of difference.
Lion Swisher is his beloved.
His most special buddy.

Also Baby Giraffe is his second favorite.
A very distant second.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bon Iver

Even though I'm listed as "Skinny Love' on his phone,
my husband and I disagree {strongly} about our love for Bon Iver.
B is team Bon Iver.

Me...Not so much.

Well actually, not at all. Good thing I'm not a hipster, because not loving Bon Iver is definitely grounds for turning in your cool card.
Listen, I think he is a rad dude. Talented no doubt.
But the high pitched singing gets me way confused.

Brian hasn't been able to get enough of the dude foreverrrrr. A year maybe?! I mean the guy just loves to love on his music. All day, every day for months. And months. And months.
In the car, in his office, on his phone, in our home...singing the tunes and playing his guitar.

For the love.

Being the loving wife that I am, I even bought him the vinyl for a present.
{That's true love folks.}

But recently I just had enough. And I had to be honest.

I told B that even though I love him so,

Whew. That felt good.

And although we agree to disagree {strongly} on this subject,
I'm pleased to report that Brian and I are still happily married.

What about you? Are you a fan?
Am I the only one on God's green earth that feels this way?

Thank God my man isn't a fan of U2.
Then we would have a problem.