Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting Away

We went away for the weekend. You know, our little family of 4. 1 year later and still kinda crazy to think we are a family of 4. We packed so much stuff you would've thought we were going to be gone for weeks. The only things we forgot were toothbrushes and my boots. L + L continue to be fabulous baby travelers.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

And He's Off

Goodbye baby Lincoln. Our boy is a-walking!!! He figured it out in California and has been perfecting it ever since. He wears a big smile on his face as marches all around town.


When I was visiting my sis in San Fran, I saw an adorable picture that Lucca had painted. Kels' friend Juli had the fabulous idea of painting--with a 1 year old. I loved it! So I promised Juli that as soon as I got home to Seattle, I was gonna paint with my twins. We had a blast! Two babies + paint + 1 determined mama to get pictures of the event = chaotic fun for sure. I can't wait to frame their masterpieces.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 Are Better Than 1

If God would have asked me to go ahead and plan my life, I would have royally screwed it up. Sometimes, many times in fact, I think I need something now, perhaps a situation could change to accommodate my liking immediately, I could handle this situation but definitely not that get it. The Man Upstairs + His timing can be very perplexing to me no doubt--I have learned this over and over and over as an adult. I have also come to realize that the G.O.D. must think I am one strong chick because he has allowed to me to walk some incredibly bumpy roads. If you know me,you know.

Can I tell ya a little something??? I would have never chosen to have twins. I often, okay pretty much daily, run into ladies who tell me 'I always wanted twins!' Really??? Why??? I know twins are pretty adorable and all, but it is soooooo much work. Clearly they don't understand how much work it is.
Did I mention the work? I try my best not to immediately label these ladies as nut-jobs or whack-a-doos! My point is I am so glad God didn't leave me in charge of this decision. So very, very glad. I thought certainly 2 babies wouldn't fit in my body. I thought certainly I couldn't manage to raise 2 turds without my family close by to help. I just thought there is NO WAY. (Perhaps I am the nut-job/whack-a-doo.)

Twins rule. I'm so glad that my plate was filled a little fuller than I would have done on my own. I just love [almost] every single minute of having two babies, and now toddlers, at the same time. Love. Love. Love.

But Yo God, just so you know, someday if we are crazy enough to try for another adorable lil' Swish baby, I certainly COULD NOT handle another set of twins. K. Thanks.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Are These Babies?

I was looking through some old pics tonight and I ran across this one--
OK SO WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABIES??? Oh I recognize these two faces, but this feels like so very long ago. But in my mind, it was yesterday. I remember so much of these days, and I half expect to see these little baby faces when I go in to see them in the morning. But these days are gone. The good news--we are having a blast. And I love seeing these grown up faces when I see them in the morning.
Everything is new to these precious people, and that makes life so very exciting to the big guy and myself. Can we talk for a second about all the teeth in these 2 mouths? Loads and loads of teeth. Their hair is growing like crazy. Somehow Lincoln's legs keep getting longer and longer AND trust me on this one folks, you DO NOT want to belly bump with The Pearl. She will destroy you. They are learning new words every day. Today for Lila it was ni-ni. (Night-night!) And for our boy, well he just about jumps out of his skin watching March Madness with Brian. Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. (Ball) I can't eat cookies anymore in front of these turds because they know. They know dammit! Our days are filled with snuggles, smiles, tears and poop. Tons and tons of poop. Brian and I always knew that we would have fun with our children, but we were not prepared for how much they would crack us up. What a wild ride.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sometimes Brian + I dream of selling all of our belongings and starting over. We would bid farewell to Corporate America, materialism and keeping up with the Jones'. Adios to the American dream of marriage, kids, dog, house with a white picket fence but mostly the career 1st + family 2nd mentality. We would take our little family, Jezzy too of course, and start a fresh life. A simple life. We have discussed this scenario many times in fact. We think about heading to the mountains and living amongst the trees and nature. Breathing fresh air and being away from the hustle and bustle just sounds so appealing to us. And safe. The other scenario would be moving to a tropical island. Palm trees, warm breezes and sunshine. Ahhhhh. We love the casual atmosphere and slow-paced life. And you know I love warm climates.

We are still working out of the details, but you're my friends, so I thought you all should know. We will keep dreaming these dreams and who knows what will happen someday. Someday.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back to Blogging

You have NO IDEA how happy I was to see this smile!
You see, our annual spring trip to Cali took a huge turn when our little Pearl got sick. Very, very sick. When we left for San Francisco, Lila seemed a little whinier and more reserved than usual. She was clingy the first night, not her usual sweet self. Brian + I thought it was probably a teething issue or maybe an I'm-overly-tired-from-traveling issue. At her sissy-cuz' birthday bash, she still continued to be funky. I was getting kinda bummed. That night at the hotel was bad. She was acting really strange when she was sleeping and woke up on fire. I'm talking her skin was boiling. You know the rest--2 days at urgent care and temperatures that were sky high and a very miserable girl. Thank God for antibiotics! About the 5th day of our trip, our girl came back! And so did her smile. As a result, my smile came back to.

Lincoln was the best boy when we had to pay extra attention to his sister. I'm talking THE BEST. There is definitely something special about this dude. But believe me, no one was happier than the Linc-man when his sissy felt better.

L + L got to take part in the Krug family tradition of being measured on the wall. This boy is several inches taller than his sissy + cousin. Now we are working on getting more meat on his bones!

Although she's in the 70th percentile for height, Lila is having a hard time keeping up with her extra-tall cousin and brother.

Drama aside, we have the best baby travelers ever! Strangers comment in the planes and airports how well they do. They slept like champs in the hotel and at my parents + maintained their nap schedules the whole week. They are the best eaters and not picky at all. It's exhausting for the mama + daddy, and we have to take a TON OF CRAP, but it is very worth it. I can't wait to take many more trips with these two. We love these turds so much and continue to feel blessed beyond our wildest dreams.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Team Swish is in California this week. And it has been quite eventful so far. A beautiful 1st birthday party for Lady Lucca. (I mean, it is like the L's are triplets when they are together.) A weekend in the beautiful bay area. A quick trip back to Folsom with a very sick girl. 2 days and 6 hours at urgent care. 48 hours of temperatures on our sweet daughter hovering between 103 and 105. Beautiful weather. Reintroducing our babies to warm sunshine after the very long NW hiatus. I actually get to see my babies arms in short sleeve shirts! Their bare feet and rolled up pants are so adorable running around in the grass chasing birds and bunnies. B is in Chicago for a few days for business, but will be back soon to spend the weekend with us. Sissy is feeling so much better! I'm enjoying myself, and actually getting to relax...just a little bit. It is so nice to have some extra hands. Lincoln is walking more and more. We've been to the zoo. We are spending so much time outside...did I mention the weather is beautiful. You might have to drag us kicking and screaming back home on Sunday. I don't think we want to leave!!!

I'll be back to blogging soon. But I have to get outside now, BECAUSE--the weather is so freaking beautiful!

Monday, March 8, 2010

We're Growing

Lila + Lincoln are growing like weeds. They say and do new things every day. I could go on and on about all of their new tricks, growing vocabulary and fantastic personalities. For now, I will just leave you with a little proof of how they are changing from itty-bitty babies into little people. If you haven't seen them for a while, be prepared for a shock next time you do!

I mean, just check out their hair...

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Someday Lila + Lincoln will realize how blessed they are in the dad department. Maybe not though. Maybe they will think that all dads are as incredible as theirs, because it's all they have ever known. Time will tell. In the meantime, I get watch the man I love surpass all expectations I ever had for him as a father. And I get a front row seat for these precious moments.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Swishers Heart Kirkland

Today we took Swish x4 up to one of our favorite places ever...Kirkland! We absolutely love this city. The memories just start a-flowing whenever we are there. It's the city where we met and fell in love, and so it will always be a special place to us. Maybe we will live there again one day, or maybe we will move somewhere far away and find a new city to fall in love with. Who knows?!? What we do know is that today was for making new memories in an old favorite.

Lila was not afraid of the ducks or water, she just wanted to get as close as she could to both.

Linc could've played in the sand all day.

We left the shores with less sand then when we came.

Dads rule!

A nice lady offered to take a pic of the whole fam.

Slide time!

See you soon Kirkland.

The Swishers

Friday, March 5, 2010

Treasure Finder

Dear God,
Please don't let our precious daughter become a hoarder.

And by the way sweet hoarder girl, you have a little something on your face...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quit Playing and Start Eating

Hey you 2--finish your mac-n-cheese + avocados!

I mean it.

Alright forget the food, you are being too adorable.

And they sealed it with a kiss. (This was the best I could get peeps.)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How Sweet It Is

Seriously, does life get any sweeter than this??? Oh it's work people, believe me it is work. And we are tired. Our laundry never ends. The dishwasher runs and runs. And we have accumulated more stuff than 2 neat freaks would ever have imagined.

But life is sweet, so very sweet, and here are 2 of the reasons why...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Oh you know--just daydreaming of getting out of my daily 'mom' uniform of jeans, boots, leggings, scarves, etc. Perhaps an occasion will come in which I can wear one of these beauties. Dear God, please let there be an occasion!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bye-bye Babies

It happens every time! Every. single. time. Each time we lay our babies, our precious little twins, down to sleep at night a tiny part of me is sad. Why??? Well that would be because every morning when those sweet little voices wake us up, they have changed. Their little cheeks seem rounder, their bodies feel heavier--literally their faces seem to be changing from babies to toddlers.

We are having such a blast right now. Talking, walking, playing, exploring and learning. Brian + I are also really enjoying watching the unique relationship that twins share. We were talking the other day about how that is something we will never be able to understand or share with them. They are truly best buds. We call them a little herd as they trek around our house, always together. They chat in a language we don't understand, and they make each other laugh, so hard, in a way that no one else can. They are mimics of each other first, and mama + daddy second. We don't make a huge deal about them being twins, but it is a special relationship no doubt!

Now you judge for yourself. Can you see what I'm talking about???

We are pretty sure Lincoln will be right-handed.

We are pretty sure the Pearl will be a lefty!

Loving Trader Joe's Organic O's.

Yeah, she licked the bowl clean!