Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peace Out Paci

So long Mr + Ms Paci. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Two weeks ago, we bid farewell to the pacis. Shortly after Lila + Lincoln turned 1, we limited their pacifiers to naptime and bedtime only. And that worked great. And we have never had a problem getting our turds to bed. They always looked forward to making out with their pacis for a bit and fell asleep happily.
But now they are 2 1/2. And my sweet little Pearl was starting to throw her paci out in the morning and scream the most horrid screams you've ever heard until we retrieved it for her. And then Lincoln thought it would be fun to try it sometimes too. And it was not a pleasant way for the big guy or I to start our day.
So when we heard Kelsey got brave and took her Lucca-lay-lee's away, we decided to give it a go. We told the kids how BIG Lucca was now AND all the special things she got to do because she was so big and brave. So, of course, the twins wanted to do it too. [We love and owe that Coco big time!]
The first night when we put Lila + Lincoln in their beds, they cried and said they didn't want to be big. They didn't want a new special buddy to sleep with and they certainly didn't want to get Fro-Yo, (with sprinkles), to celebrate. 'I wannnnnntttt my paciiiiiiii!'
So Brian played the guitar for about 10 minutes and they were out. The next day at nap time, Lila cried so very hard. We did force her to break-up with her first love after all. It was certainly tragic. She loved that thing so. B played his guitar and with in about 2 minutes she was out. Lincoln cried that night for a bit, but put himself to sleep.
And that's all it took. No more crying and they haven't asked for it once. They are so big. So dang big. I have to admit this was not hard at all. I was prepared for it to be much worse. Especially for our girl.
I can't complain about the pacifiers though. They saved my booty on numerous occasions when they were teeny-tiny and I was alone. They were many times, too many to count, that my newborn babies were soothed by their paci's while waiting their turn to nurse.
R.I.P Pacifiers.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Take 3

We did the pumpkin patch today...for the 3rd time. You heard that right, it's not even half way through October, and we have been to the patch 3 times. We just love Autumn. Today we met some of the ladies from my mom's group and their children.

The twins would've stayed at the duck races all day long. It was 50 degrees this morning, and they were soaking wet, and they could have cared less. Kids are amazingly warm. Must be because they Never. Stop. Moving.

I like these pictures much better than smiling-and-looking-at-the-camera pictures. Because this shows Lincoln + Lila's relationship. BFF's for sure.

The bowling game was awesome. At first, I thought Lincoln might have inherited my fly bowling skills by watching how high his ball went up before it dropped and rolled toward then pins.

But then, I saw Lila's throw and it became clear to me that the Pearl definitely takes after my bowling skillz.

Sometimes I forget how small petite I am...UNTIL I see myself in pictures. Like this one for instance, in which my toddlers almost cover me entirely when I'm squatted next to them. Also, it's been a looooooonnnnggg week in Casa Swish, so please excuse how exhausted I look.

'Hey Mama, LOOK! A potato!'

Oh yeah, Wild Man Jack came to.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pearly Whites

Taking your twins to the dentist today for the 1st time = Goodbye, mama-guilt.

I've been intending to take the kids to the dentist for months. Months and months actually. And today was the day. I took them to a pediatric dentist in town and had the most fabulous experience.

I had the kids all pumped up about how cool it was going be, and how wide they had to open their mouths, and how big they were now to visit the dentist, etc. (Clearly I am a good liar storyteller, because I am actually terrified of the dentist.)

And they were rock stars. Happy, cooperative, curious and polite.

The hygienist complimented them on numerous occasions. She assured me that is was certainly not like this every time children came to the dentist.

So, of course, I didn't mention the gigantic tantrum Lincoln had before we arrived. All because I made him wear a long sleeve shirt. For the love.

They were able to do a full cleaning and take x-rays of their front and back teeth. Which apparently does not happen on first visits very often.

But seriously, what is up with recommending flossing? For your 2 year olds. For real? Kinda ridiculous.

They had perfect teeth, and told me that we were doing a great job. And it always feels great when you get a little positive feedback. Am I right other mamas?!?

They might have said something about Lincoln having an overbite. What the freak? Where ever would get that from?


(Keep your mouth shut Kelsey.)

Moving on, the dentist gave them a Popsicle.

I want a Popsicle after I go to the dentist.

A Popsicle and a hug.


Autumn is definitely here in the NW. And by the way, Brian + I decided that we are going to start calling Fall...AUTUMN. And teach it that way to the kids. Just because we like the way it sounds. (We have had nothing but time on our hands this past week people!)

Moving on--

Well the biggest news in our house over the past week is Brian's knee surgery...

You're welcome for this lovely photo. And for those of you who know Brian, YES!, there is skin under all that hair. Who knew?

The reason for the surgery...

...the giant (non-cancerous) tumor that was causing so much pain for him over the past year. (That would be the gigantic black hole on the left side of the picture.)

So as he hobbles around and tries to recover, I've decided that I never, ever, ever want to have knee surgery. Or any other kind of surgery. Thankyouverymuch.

So as we have been laying low this week, tending to the patient, we are going a little stir crazy. So I bought some games. Candyland + Memory. So this is a pretty hysterical experiment playing games with 2 year olds

I also take them on 'Fall Autumn walks' just about every day. And we collect beautiful leaves. (And then I try to throw them away when they are not looking.) On this day, their Halloween package from Grammie arrived. That was definitely a very fun surprise.
Oh yeah, that corn was from my garden. So the kids thought is was super-fun to cut it down and decorate with it. I love gardening.

I also tried growing pumpkins this year. But, SURPRISE!, there wasn't enough sun. But 2 of these lovelies were from our garden. Can you guess which ones???
Speaking of no sun, Lila + Lincoln tell me almost everyday how much they like the sun. 'I can't like rain Mama, I like the sun.'

You hear that Brian? Just checking. *wink*

A little surprise I found tonight.... I didn't see who did this, but I would bet top dollar that Miss Sneakypants was responsible. Lock up your medicine cabinets when the Swishers roll into town. This girl will check it out. For reals.

My mom sent me these gigantic pine cones. And I immediately thought glitter. Because glitter, I can't quit you. Chocolate, burnt orange and golden yellow were the colors I chose. And they look gorgeous. If I do say so myself.

Lila loves to color. And she is getting pretty good at smiley faces. But this past weekend she drew me. And then I died...because she drew me people.
Check it--
You guys, I'm so beautiful. 2 eyes, a nose, a kinda-smile, gorgeous hair WITH a crown, ears and 2 skinny legs. At a castle.

She's 2.

That's right 2.

Excuse me, I'm going out to buy a frame.


Sunday, October 2, 2011


A.) How in the world can it already be October???


B.) What happened to September???

I mean, I feel old. Because this is exactly what old people say all the time. Young peeps definitely do not think time flies. It takes foooorrreeevvvveeerrr to turn all the most important ages. You know, 16 and 18 and 21. And then BAM! You have a couple of kids and you can't even keep up with how fast you need to turn the calendar pages. I'm pretty much expecting hot flashes and a colonoscopy any freaking day now. (And let me tell you I have had my fair share of hot flashes before, and I'm not looking forward to them.)

But I digress...

Blogs are infrequent around these parts. Does anyone still read this I wonder???? It's not because I don't have things to say. It's just busy all day. And flat-out exhaustion at night.

But let me tell you that I love being a mama. I just love it so damn much. (Sorry mom.) It is amazing how much joy and pride my little turds can bring me one moment, AND have me on my knees begging for mercy, {most likely in tears,} the next. 2 year olds are awesommmmmeee. For reals awesome. I wouldn't change anything about this age. (Except that it goes way too fast.) And I wouldn't change that I get to spend all my days with them. Even if I can't get all the new fall boots I want.

Well Brian did tell me I could get them all...

...If I get a job.


Lila Pearl is nothing short of awesome.
She is girl-y. I'm talking obsessed with all things beautiful. A lover of prettiness. Which why it is so awesome that she is a part of boy/girl twin-ship. Because she also loves to play monster trucks, any sport with a ball, bike + scooter riding, bug collecting, dirt-digging and the like. She would just prefer to do it with a ballerina dress on thank you very much. She loves to sing and knows every single song I've ever taught her or that she has ever heard.
She also makes up songs frequently and likes to shake her booty. She loves to help in the kitchen with an apron on of course. I know every parent thinks their children are beautiful, and we are no exception. Sometimes I look at our Lilee P and she simply takes my breath away. So dang pretty and so dang sweet. She's all-out precious. She makes me laugh until tears fall down my face. She is my very best girl.

Lincoln is my buddy.

Our most favorite dude. Fun-loving to the core of his skinny little body. Likes to be silly and make his sissy laugh. Which is mostly done by saying poo, poop, poopy, etc. ALL THE TIME. Which is a no-no in this house. Which is why sissy laughs. Which makes me and the big guy crazy. He is strong + coordinated. Sweet + sensitive. Careful + brave. He likes to figure things out + do things on his own.
There will be times I look at him and see nothing but Brian. I mean it is frightening really. And then sometimes I look at his little face, and see my own when I was his age. Genetics are such a mystery. This guy loves to dance, and will stop in the middle of any task if hears music to shake his groove thing. I melt for our stud. Absolutely melt.