Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday Evening

Saturday was a really good day. It was a family day. We went on a train ride, went out for lunch, played/worked in our yard...

It was simple.

It was perfect.

After dinner we went out front to finish a little project. The kids were doing what they always do...playing and exploring. But then I caught this glimpse of my Lila. My little Pearl walking across the driveway, looking all kinds of precious. Ponytail bobbing, toddler-tummy poking out, rocking rain boots with shorts, covered in dirt and having the time of her life. I just stopped and watched her. And I decided that I never wanted her to grow up.
So even though I do feel like I acquired some special super-natural powers when I became a mama, I know that I cannot freeze time. (I've tried.) So I ran inside and I grabbed my camera and started snapping away.

Because I seriously feel like these moments are happening too fast. And in an instant they will be gone.

And I never want to forget these carefree days. Or the joy that my babies get from a simple pile of dirt or the neighbors cat.

Because do you know what I think people??? I think life can really be this simple.

If we let it.

I snagged this car from the Goodwill for 9 bucks. I can't hardly believe I got a picture of Lila in it. (Lincoln loves this car so much it's the first thing he talks about when he gets up and the last thing he talks about before he falls asleep.)
I just love this little turd.

And I kind of want her, (and her most adorable brother), to stay 2 forever.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well today is the first official day of summer. DO YOU HERE THAT PACIFIC NORTHWEST??? Bring it. Don't give us any of this El Nino or La Nina nonsense. We demand summer. You played us last year, I'm not having it again. Take away the clouds and reveal all the beauty that keeps us here year after year.

Here is a recent family picture. This is just about as good as it gets right now people. I love it.

Yesterday we went to Pt. Defiance park and walked all around the rose gardens and ponds. Fun and free. We will do this again for sure.

Checkin' out our veggies. This picture kinda blew me away because these 2 just look so big. I love this age. I mean LOVE.

Sitting on our front porch. This mama's heart just melted away at this moment.

Painting, painting and more painting this summer. Such a great outside activity.

I made Brian his most favorite dessert for Father's Day...Blackberry cobbler. I had some super-delicious nectarines hanging around so I added those too. Try it! You will love. Promise.

These are pretty much the moments that I hope to remember always.

Hey NW peeps, I need your help! What activities, festivals, parks, farmers markets, special events or basically anything are your favorites in the summertime. Hook a girl up and give me the info!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Swisher Declaration

But as for me and my house,


(Also Mom, we will serve the Lord. Obviously.)

Seriously. For Reals. End of story. Yo and Word.

We are a pretty healthy-eating family. Not too extreme, just really healthy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a snob about it. For example, I love french fries. Always have, always will. I especially like, get ready for it, McDonalds fries. I would choose fries over dessert any day of the week. I just choose to hardly ever eat them.

And once upon a time I used to love to eat an occasional hot dog. Usually at a Mariners game or a barbecued wiener over a camp fire with our buds the Marcus'. But about five years ago, they started grossing me right out. And then when I got pregs, forget it! I was just over them. And I haven't had one since. And I haven't fed them to my kids until...

...this weekend.

We were at family BBQ and hot dogs and hamburgers were offered. I thought, what the hey, it's a special occasion, I'll give them a hot dog. I had one too.

On the ride home I told B, I had a feeling I was gonna pay for eating that dog.

Lincoln woke up in the middle of the night in all-out Barf City. He has not puked once in his little life, but this time more than made up for it. All over his bed, jammies, hair, blanket, face, neck, etc. And he kept crying, 'Mama, I can't like hot dogs.' and 'Hot dogs are icky.'

Now as bad a hot dogs smell coming out of the package, let me attest that they smell approximately 10 million times worse upon regurgitation.

Long story long, the next day it was my turn. Lost several pounds in 24 hours. I didn't even chuck that much when I was pregnant. It was horrid. And all kids of wrong.

All of this leading to, my previous enforced, and now reinforced ban of the dog .

'No hot dogs for you.' (In my Seinfeld voice.)

Not in this house. Nope.

And Lincoln agrees.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Uhhh! I lost my phone on our recent trip to California. Such a bummer. So I have been with out a cell phone for almost 1 whole month. It has been freeing and frustrating. I'm over it. My mom is sending me her old one, which hopefully will be here tomorrow. I think I owe about a million people a phone call.

Speaking of my mom, this is how she scaled my neighbors wall to try to get a peek at his mega-mansion.

All this and she couldn't even see it. I know, I know. Awesome.

Don't you just love summer? Even though it hasn't really felt like summer in my area, I certainly love all the fresh fruits + veggies that are available this time of year. It has even helped break me out of my cooking-funk. Do you have some yummyand healthy recipes you wanna share with me? Feel free.
Zucchini, peppers + carrots in our turkey burgers tonight.

I love these yummy potatoes. Aren't the purple ones so beautiful?!
Making my favorite pasta dish. (And my sis' too!)
And I bought nectarines today. Nectarines! Aren't those little gems such an underrated treasure? I adore them.

Our seeds are growing. This was last week:
And this was today! I heart gardening. (When it's not raining that is.)

Our little town had a very big parade this weekend. And even the sun decided to make an appearance. Amazing! Pirate themed parade on the waterfront with eagles soaring above...are you kidding me??? It really was perfect.

OK, I'm gonna go beg my husband to run down to the market to get me some Skittles. It's 9pm, but I'm gonna try.

How are you all doing? Do I owe you a phone call. I'm sorry, soon I promise! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ever Wanna Freeze Time?

Because once I became a mama, I found that there were many, many times I have had this thought. On Monday I had this thought several times throughout the day.

We had just returned from a fantastic vacation, we were thrilled to see our kids, my parents were visiting and the sun even made several brief appearances. It was lovely.

And then I saw this...
...which I have many times before. But I just love it so. My little family. Working, playing and enjoying life in our big ole' yard. The yard we bought just about a year ago. Because we wanted a place that our kids could run around and explore.

And my boy. This dude. My heart just explodes for him. Looking all big on his scooter and the outfit he picked out all by himself.

And my Pearl. This little gal is my sweet pea. I couldn't snap a good picture of her on this day, but she just looked so beautiful. The sun reflecting on just how blue her eyes are and her long gorgeous hair blowing in the breeze. I adore her.

Our twins. Best friends. Hilarious. Trouble. Mischievous. Helpers. Sweet, Sweet, SWEET!

They are just growing so big! (And they remind me every day just in case I forget.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maui, I love you

Hawaii, specifically Maui was...perfect.

This is what we did--

There may have been (many) adult beverages consumed.

Sunset watching...

Exploring and/or getting lost on our daily hikes...

Pretending like we had no responsibilities in the world.

Pool time...

Dessert eating. Lots of desserts.


And this giant-swingy thing...

Apparently we were the first group to ever do this swing. On second thought, not too smart?!?

Lots of this...

Our SWEET ride the Aleo. Roll down windows and manual locks. We go big.

10 years went by in a blink.

Not many people can say they made their single best decision at 22 years old...

I did.

And for the record--

Brian did too.