Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our kids watch everything like little hawks. Not too much gets by them. Especially when it comes to any item of food I put into my mouth.

Last night the kids were outside playing with B while I was cleaning up after dinner.
(Cleaning again...surprise!)
Anyways, I popped a piece of dark chocolate into my mouth and went outside to check on the twins. Immediately after I opened the door, Lincoln says,
'Whatcha have in your mouth mama?'.
And I said:
(A little fib...Oopsa-poopsa.)

And then my children, both of them, dropped everything and ran inside to the kitchen screaming they wanted broccoli too.
 And we had just eaten dinner!
 And they were running. NOT walking.  To get BROCCOLI.

You just have to love 3 year olds.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Once in a while being small has it's advantages. 
 Like you know, for tricycle races against your children.
 I totally let him win.
 I didn't even fall off the trike.  (This time anyway.)

And then Sis + I traded vehicles.  And then we raced again and again until the rain took us inside.  

Good times.

Da' Beds

When we decided a couple of months ago that it was the time for the twins to get big beds, Brian told me he wanted to build them.  
Brian has never, ever built a piece of furniture.
But he is a researcher.  And a perfectionist.  And a hard-worker.  
I wasn't worried for a second about him doing a good job.  I was more concerned about the time it would take to finish the project.  Because as most of you people with young families know, there is certainly not a surplus of time in our days.  
But he did it!  
And he did it exceptionally. 
And I am so proud.
 We had to say goodbye to the baby cribs.  (Which I promptly sold on Craigslist.)  
Kinda bittersweet.
But also exciting.  
Because our children are supposed to grow up after all.  
And thrive!
 Brian did such a great job.  And we will bunk these beds when we feel they are ready.  
 The twins did great in their big beds.  They think they are big stuff for sure.
 I sure do think these 2 hang the moon.
And Brian... 
Well that guy continues to amaze me.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mini Swish

Check out Lincoln's dribbling skills.
This was a couple of weeks ago and he's even better now.
This kid easily dribbles 25-30 bounces each time.

Most people assume Brian is responsible for teaching him his new trick.
But nope, it was me.
Little known fact, I too could have been a basketball superstar if dribbling was the only skill required in the game.
Oh well.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Lila Pearl.
She is something.
Sweet as pie. BossyOpinionated. Creative. Left-handed. Rule breaker. Kind-hearted. Caring. Sometimes whiny. Lover of books, sparkly things and high heels. Tree climber. Carefree. Hand holder. Cuddler. The very best hugger. Singer.
All out Hi-larious.
You guys, she wants me to bring her pixie dust home from Italy.
That's right pixie dust.
You know, so she can fly.
You just have to love this girl.
She loves her mama and she's her daddy's girl.
Yesterday I had my camera out and captured these pics of Brian with his best gal.

I sure do love those 2.

Photography 101

by Lila

Lately the kids have been wanting to take pics with my camera
All. The. Time.
by Lila
The problem with this is that I become the subject of the photos. And I'm not very comfortable in front of the camera. So that's a big, fat Uhhhhh!
by Lila
They are doing really good though. They are holding up the big camera, finding me in the frame and then snapping away.
Meaning...I just deleted about 200 photos.
{Not an exaggeration.}
by Lincoln

They are getting so dang big.
by Lincoln

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mic Check 1-2, 1-2

Guess what?

I'm still here.

I know that may seem surprising being that I haven't posted a thing on this bliggety-blog in over a month, but I am.

I plan to write a proper post tomorrow, but until then I'll leave you with these...

We just finished making bunk beds for the twins. When I say we, I mean Brian. I came out to make some cuts with the saw, and when I did, I couldn't help but laugh hysterically every time. Power tools are fun!

Planting daffodils.

Taxes are a 2 beer night for the big guy. I love it when my guy drinks beer. Is that weird?

This is when we picked up Jezebelle from Casa Canine after our vacation. She was standing like this to lick up all the crumbs on the floor. For about 2 whole minutes. What a turd.

Lila has a new found love of hopscotch. So fun.

I'm so glad Lila + Lucca are buddies. I tell Kelsey that I didn't give Lila a sis, but I'm sure glad she has a Coco. Just as lovely.

And these rascals....Well, they just might be 2 of the sweetest boys there ever were. Kinda like their daddys. Their personalities remind me so much of each other. Studs.

Ballers. For real.

Easter egg hunts in the rain. Just as lame as they sound. Uhhhh!

Easter egging it up.

We went bowling for the first time with the twins. O my word! We will be doing it again + again.

They even got to rock the shoes.

This girl! Oh how I love this girl!