Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lila Pearl & Lincoln Scott

(Oh and by the way...Lila and/or Pearl are not family names and no, we are not southern.) We fell in love with the name Lila, and Pearl is a name my mom has always loved. Put them together and you have our girl!

Here are a couple shots of our girly-girl. She has found her voice, and she might just be fighting her daddy for air time in our house very soon. This girl L.O.V.E.S to talk! She is sweet as pie and brings such joy to our house. She's definitely a keeper!

Let's just call it how it is, Lincoln has game. Our boy can smile on demand. (The ladies dig it.) This boy loves his daddy, cuddles with his mama and holds his sissy's hand. We're keeping him!

Lazy Sunday

We took the babes to Seattle for a walk around Green Lake this afternoon. Such a beautiful summer day and the twins were mostly, ahem Lila, good for the entire walk.

We Survived

We survived round #2 of the baby colds. (The 1st round happened when the babes were 6 weeks old.) NOT FUN and HARD WORK when you only have two hands for two very needy, whiney babies. However, it does make having our two healthy babies back seem like 'cake' after struggling through these few days.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Day

It was Father's Day last year that we found out we were pregnant. Fast forward one year and my, oh my has the Swisher household been flipped upside down.

Happy Daddy Day to you Brian! Lincoln and Lila are verrry lucky to have you as their daddy. We love you!!!

No Wonder!!!

It's no wonder I was sooooo uncomfortable 4 1/2 months ago...there was a whole lot of legs, toes, fingers, arms and baby inside of me! So amazing.
Lincoln and Lila are growing and growing. They are rolling, chatting, laughing and mostly keeping mama and daddy B.U.S.Y. L & L have also finally discovered each other. They will look at each other and smile and laugh. They like to hold hands and suck on each others fingers. They also love to look at Jezebelle. This is such a wonderful stage...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Just a Matter of Time...

Lincoln has a nasty cold...
...I'm sure Lila's next!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009


Here is my random thought for the day...

Why is that some people have completely abandoned the idea of MANNERS. Totally blows my mind! It was a rare student I ran across in seven years of teaching that consistently said please and thank you. When you are out for a walk or a bike ride and you pass someone and say 'hello' with a gigantic smile on your face, why is it that they look down and ignore you??? How about letting the person with one item go in front of you and your 8000 items at the grocery store??? A tip for your barista perhaps??? Dare I go so far as a compliment??? Opening the door for someone with their hands full??? Or in my personal case, opening the door for a girl with a stroller as large as me. (You would be surprised at how many people watch me struggle through a door when I'm out and about.) And being the Krug that I am, how about a little timeliness???

I'm not perfect, but I try super-hard to 'mind my manners.' Always could do better though. And as for my turds, L & L...they will be taught and expected to do these things. I'm sure I will be responsible for screwing them up in plenty of other ways. All moms do right??? (Sorry mom, it was a joke.)

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nap Time

This is the mom feeling good after getting her two babies down for their afternoon snooze.

Here are the two babies sleeping so peacefully...

This is the dog that beagle-barks at every person, animal or leaf that goes by our front window...

This is the result...

Now mom has to start all over again with two screaming babies to achieve the desired result...

Good times!

These are your babies?!?!

Here is a sample of a conversation I have, several times a day, with complete strangers.....

'Are these twins???'


'YOUR twins???'


'You actually gave birth to these twins???'


'Wow, YOU actually had these twins???'


I understand that I am small and have a tendency to look 16 sometimes, but having to repeat my same answer over and over and over again becomes pretty redundant. (Not to mention trying to convince people I'm the mom and not the babysitter.) I'm thinking about making a t-shirt with the words I AM THE MOM printed on it and a picture of me looking like this just for fun when I go out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thanking our lucky stars...

...that 4 months ago today, our little family doubled.  We are so thankful for the journey that brought us these two little miracles.  God's plan for Brian & I has constantly kept us on our toes.  He has presented us with challenges that we never thought we could navigate through.  He has provided us blessings far greater than we deserve.  We have learned, and are continually learning, to let God lead the way and to sit back and enjoy the ride!  And what a sweet, sweet ride it is!!!