Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I'm Back...Kinda

I'm feeling so very wishy/washy about this blog.
The privacy setting couldn't be more annoying.
I've had many people reach out to me and tell me they want to continue to be a part of our family's journey.
And that makes me feel humble and grateful.
And you know, there's that whole element of us moving away from almost everyone that we know + love this past year.
The people that actually want to watch our children grow + be in-the-know about what we do from time to time.
And I do, selfishly, miss documenting our lives, our family history, for my children to read to read someday.

So I'm quietly reopening this blog.
For now.

Because all of my concerns about why I made it private are still here.
We will see what the future holds, but for now...hello again old friends!
I've missed you.

So I guess we are now officially Californians.

Lincoln is just about as rad as they come.  He loves skateboarding, skate socks, soccer, basketball, the beach, duck-diving, LEGOS, the Seahawks, climbing poles, camping, nature, archery, salmon + ribs are his favorite foods.  His favorite snacks are nuts, trail mix + hummus.  He is an amazing reader + works hard at everything he does.  He loves his brother + sis.  He likes to be annoying. His front teeth are more than half-way out and they are gigantic.  (Your welcome son.)   He likes to play the Wii and we've just recently purchased an Xbox that he is learning to play FIFA on.  I'm so proud to be his mama.
Lila is my girl.  She loves people and has many friends.  Lila loves art, soccer, singing, being a fashion girl, ice skating, basketball, softball, cooking, camping, LEGO Friends and girlfriend l.o.v.e.s the beach!  She smiles so beautifully, so uniquely, when she is there.  She boogie boards, has gotten up on a surfboard, loves bonfires, duck-diving, treasure collecting and digging in the sand.  She loves all the colors of the sunset and is a pro at finding the whales.  She adores Colt and her best bud is Linc.  She met her first BFF when we moved down here, a neighbor who attends the same school.  It is fun to see her have such a great friend at such a young age.  She is feisty this Lila Pearl.  She is sensitive and caring and wise.  I love every single bit of having a daughter as awesome as her.

Colt is an animal.  He is 2 going on 7.  He is fearless, outgoing + funny.  He brings joy...to everyone.  Everyday.  His hair is fuzzy + wild, which is a perfect match to his personality.  He has friends, young + old, everywhere we go.  He is in school one day a week.  He loves to dance, do ninja moves like Linc, ride scooters, play with monster trucks, crawl out of his crib and eat Z Bars.  He has a chipped front tooth from our summer trip to Big Sur.  His language is off the charts.  He's pretty much been having full conversations with people for 6 months.  He's very familiar with the time out stair and had a 2 year old tantrum last week in which he threw himself to the concrete, in a complete plank position.  I love this rascal and am so over-the-moon about being his mama.