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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Lincoln is our little dude...he is just 100% sweetness!  He is growing SO MUCH everyday.  He's our little log because he likes to lay so straight AND even though he has always weighed less than Lila, he has always been longer. (He's catching her on the weight though!)   He is quite content most of day and loves to look around.  He is so alert and loves to interact with Brian and I.  He has been smiling at us for about a week, and we l.o.v.e it.  He wakes up happy and hungry.  His eyes are adorable and melt my heart.  Even when he projectile-pooped all over me yesterday, he continued to stare at me with his beautiful eyes.

In a milk-coma:
Always watching:
The log:

He likes to hold his own bottle:
Daddy's boy:


Here is our little Lila-bear.  She is strong, hungry and full of personality.  She is the louder of the two and definitely lets us know when she is unhappy!  Although she isn't unhappy very much, when she is, a set of earplugs would be nice.  She loves her bath time!  She is starting to become more and more alert and recognizes mommy's voice.  She loves listening to daddy sing to her or the little animals that make music.  She likes to swing high and bounce hard.  She is a snuggle-bug and holding her little hands will put her to sleep in no time.

Sleeping beauty:

Checking out the camera:
Skyping with Grammie + Grandpa:
Chillin' after her bath:
Bringing the noise...

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